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In every pursuit, you can choose to excel or not to excel.You can choose to approach challenging situations in positive ways or in negative ways. Are you going to dwell on the negatives or focus on the positives? These are all your choices, and they directly effect the quality and level of joy in your life.” What is most important is to be willing to risk who we are now for what we might become.” Charles Dubois

Peak Performance is created by  self- understanding, self-acceptance, self-motivation, and self-actualization. What are your intentions for this upcoming year? Be open to new possibilities and go after it!

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Amy Haller, Certified Sports Life Coach, provides years of experience in sports psychology, sports mental toughness training, high performance sports training and peak performance sports training for women and men. Her specialty lies in team tennis sports psychology and power mental tennis training, but incorporates applied sports psychology to any peak performance athlete she works with.

Amy works as an accredited career, business and sports life coach in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding communities of Penn Valley, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Ardmore and Gladwyne, Pennsylvania.

Call Amy Haller today for a FREE 30 Minute Consultation 610.246.7194


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"I have known Amy Haller for the last 25 years and have experienced her great knowledge of sports competition, and the ability to motivate and inspire people."Click here for more.

---Rose Weinstein, Former President, Philadelphia Tennis Association

"It is very easy to praise the coaching and motivational skills of Mrs. Amy Haller. She epitomizes energy, hard work and intense encouragement…aka.. working her students to exhaustion with great glee . As a novice tennis player, Amy trained and directed me to success. I still play this challenging game and I always think of Coach Amy with gratitude."Click here for more.

---Mrs. H. Whitaker

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